Journal of Nursing Practices and Research
Preferences for Online Learning among Nursing Students: A Systematic Review

Diana Monteiro1, Dr. Jogindra Vati2

Journal of Nursing. 2022 October; 2(2): 16–21. Published online 2022 October

Abstract: Background and objectives: The traditional teaching methods have transitioned to distance learning in all fields of education, including medical and nursing education during the Covid 19 pandemic. We aimed to perform a systematic review on preferences for online modes of learning among nursing students..
Materials and Methods: The investigator conducted a thorough literature search on PubMed and Google scholar using comprehensive search strategies to find published English free full-text scientific articles related to preferences of nursing students to online and face-to-face learning modes. Based on the inclusion criteria, articles were searched.
Results: The studies that were selected based on databases give the evidence to convince the different perceptions of nursing students to online learning modes. Out of six, 4 studies show less than 50% of preferences for online learning.
Interpretation and conclusions: Current evidence suggests that the online mode of learning has increasing preference along with face-to-face learning in nursing. However, further studies with a larger sample size and longer duration are required.

Keywords : Online learning, preferences, nursing students

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