Journal of Nursing Practices and Research
Psychological Distress among Primary Caregivers of Alcoholics

Lalitha 1 , Dr.Sr.Mony 2 , Dr.Ravichandiran 3 , Esther 4 , Ancey 5 , Kalpana 6 , Divya 7 , Bhavani 8, Booshana9, Rajalakhmi10

Journal of Nursing. 2021 October; 1(2): 1–8. Published online 2021 October

Abstract: Introduction: Alcoholism is a major threat to the individual as well as the society and the maximum burden of the illness is born in the family. Alcoholism can have a psychological impact on the family involved in care giving, and coping with the alcohol dependent patient.

Caregivers play a crucial role in the life of alcoholics. Basically, stress creates an emotional and physical imbalance while caring for a spouse with alcohol abuse problems.

Methodology: A descriptive study was conducted using a non probability convenient sampling technique. A total number of 56 study participants who were the caregivers of alcoholics were selected. The data was collected from the study participants at psychiatric unit for 2 weeks. Each study participant took around 15 to 20 minutes to complete the modified self-instructional questionnaires. Average 8 to 9 study participants per day

Results: Among caregivers of alcoholics, the majority of them 27(48.2%) had severe level of psychological distress, 23(41.1%) had moderate level of psychological distress, 4(7.1%) had mild level of psychological distress and only 2(3.6%) had no psychological distress. Among 56 caregivers, 26(46.4) of them feel tired for good reason, 31(55.4) of them feel so nervous, 15(26.8) of them feel calm down, 26(46.4) of them feel hopeless, 20(35.7) of them feel restless, 21(31.5) of them feel restless and unable to sit still, 19 (33.9) of them feel depressed, 19(33.9) of them feel that everything was an effort, 17(10.4) of them feel so sad, and 18(32.1) of them feel worthless.

Conclusion: The present study assessed the level of psychological distress among primary caregivers of alcoholics in psychiatric unit at PIMS. The study assessed the Level of Psychological Distress among caregivers of alcoholics with their Socio Demographic Variables and by using modified Kessler psychological distress scale. The study reveals that there is statistically high significant association between the level of psychological distress with education and family income per month. Pamphlets were distributing to the all the participants like a psychological distress reduce and maintain the stress management.

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