Journal of Nursing Practices and Research
A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge and Practice Regarding Insulin Self-Administration among Diabetic Patients at Elected Tertiary Care Hospital of Bangalore

R Padma Hepsiba 1*, Hemalatha R 2, Pallavi Yada 3,Aditi Solanki 4, Bhawna Gangwar 5,Iqbalpreetkaur 6, Manasa M M 7 ,Megha Madhu 8, VaishaliSaini 9

Journal of Nursing. 2022 April; 2(1): 22-24. Published online 2022 April

Abstract: Objective: To assess the knowledge and practice regarding self-administration of insulin in diabetic patients.

Methodology: A cross sectional study was conducted among 100diabetic patients, on insulin therapy, attending medical and endocrine OPD's of tertiary hospital at Bangalore.

Result: The result of the study showed that majority of the patients (56.67%) had average knowledge and 55% had average practices regarding insulin administration.

Conclusion: There is a need to educate the patients diagnosed with diabetes about insulin self-administration and monitor their practice regarding same in hospital setup. This will improve their compliance and practices related to the self-administration of insulin and also prevent complications related to insulin therapy.

Keywords: knowledge and practice, self-administration of insulin, diabetic patients.

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