Journal of Nursing Practices and Research
A Study to Assess the Level of Satisfaction among IV Year BSc Nursing Students Related to Midwifery on Traditional Practical Examination Method and Objective Structured Clinical Examination Method (OSCE)

R Padma Hepsiba 1*, A Priscillal D 2, Anamika Sharma 3, Nikita Shah 4, Priya 5, Renaissance 6, Simran Mehta 7, Sudha Yadav 8

Journal of Nursing. 2022 April; 2(1): 37-38. Published online 2022 April

Introduction: The objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) is a method in which students are assessed for clinical skills in a series of stimulated stations that may invove history collection, Physical assessment, laboratory investigation, treatment and hands on demonstration. On the other hand, Traditional practice methods (TPEM) such as oral viva, written assignment, MCQs and Nursing care plans are often used in the assessment of Nursing students.
• To assess the level of satisfaction of nursing students on OSCE.
• To assess the level of satisfaction of nursing students on traditional practical examination method.
Methods: A descriptive research study was conducted on a total of 27 nursing students to assess the level of satisfaction. The questionnaire is structured Likert scale.
Results: The present study revealed that overall samples satisfied with OSCEwere67.7% whereas satisfaction percentage for TPEM was 46.0%. This concludes that samples under study were more satisfied with OSCE as method of examination whereas the satisfaction level of samples was less than 50% in case of traditional practical examination method.

Keywords: Nursing students, Objectives structured clinical examination, Traditional examination methods (TPEM), Level of satisfaction

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