Journal of Nursing Practices and Research
Psychological Impact and Resilience among College Students in the Midst of Covid-19 Pandemic: A Review

Udayakumari Pethaperumal 1*, Dr. Jogindra Vati 2

Journal of Nursing. 2022 April; 2(1): 28-36. Published online 2022 April

Background: By the end of the 2019, a new virus hit the world and make the people afraid of their lives. The impact caused by this tiny virus is enormous, no wonder the educational sectors all over the world. By the end of March 2020, WHO declared as pandemic. In view of the rapid spread of this virus all the institutions remain closed for a period of time. Due to the fast spread, it is difficult to have education offline. Institutions decided to have online or virtual sessions to further go with the student’s education in view of raised uncertainty of the learning environment and the fear of getting sick. Sudden transition to online learning has also affects the academic performance, educational plans and future expectations of the students in view of learning and career planning.
Methods: An online or web literature review or artcles review related to the Covid-19 and resilience were conducted throughPubmed/Google scholar and BMJ and NIH databases published during the years between Jan 2017 to Jan 2022.
Results: Coronavirus pandemic has left a remarkable marking all the over the world and the changes are continuing in all the aspects of human life, work, education and recreational activities. This review of literature studied the impact of COVID-19 on college students. This specific area of review and study is very strenuous and difficult. Above all the effects of pandemic in student’s life, they are also affected mentally, emotionally, academically and financially which needs to be addressed in a timely and appropriately to protect the general well being for the students as well as to provide support where necessary as they are the pillars of tomorrow.
Conclusion: The article search found that in all the selected literature review, there is a significant psychological impact during the COVID-19 pandemic among college students. The main strategies which is used to maintain the well being is resilience in every aspect of the life. Resilience helps in improving the health and well being of the students and there by reduce the impact of mental health disorders among students

Keywords: COVID-19 pandemic, resilience, psychological impact, college students

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