Journal of Nursing Practices and Research
Knowledge Regarding Diarrhea Among The Mothers Of Under Five Children

Sujata G. Gaikwad1, Dr. Vishwanath S. Biradar2

Journal of Nursing. 2022 April; 2(1): 8-12. Published online 2022 April

Abstract: Diarrhea is the major health problem in under five children. Worldwide, about 1.5 million children die of diarrhea, while 38% deaths occur in Asia. About 2 million episodes of diarrhea occur each year in India. 6.6 million deaths among children aged 28 days to 5 years: The present descriptive study aimed to assess knowledge regarding diarrhea among the mothers of under five children in selected area of Aurangabad city. 30 mothers of under-five children were included by nonprobability purposive sampling technique. Results of the study indicate that, the majority 23(76.66%) of the mothers of under five children had moderately adequate knowledge on diarrhea, followed by 4(13.33%) mothers had adequate knowledge and 3(10%) had inadequate knowledge regarding diarrhea.

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