Journal of Nursing Practices and Research
Assess the Knowledge and Utilization of Janani Shishu Suraksha Karykram among Postnatal Mothers in Selected Urban Health Centres

Sujata G. Gaikwad1, Amarja Gosavi2

Journal of Nursing. 2022 April; 2(1): 13-21. Published online 2022 April

Abstract: The act of giving the birth is only moment when both pain and pleasure conserve at moment of time. This experience of transformation from womanhood/wife hood into the motherhood is privilege reserved exclusive for woman. Hence this transformation phase that a pregnancy and following childbirth has been contributing to have great impact on both maternal and infant health. Mother /children constitute priority group they comprise approximately 71.4% of population of developing countries. In India woman of child bearing age constitute 22.2% and child under 15-year age of about 35.3% of total population together they constituents nearly 57.5% of total population. Globally observation show that in developed region maternal mortality rate average in 385/100,000 live birth. In developed country region the figure 440 for same number of live births. The government of India launched new initiative of Janani Shishu Suraksha Karykram from Mewat district in Haryana on June 1 (2011) unmistakably signal a huge leap forward in quest to make health for all reality.

Keywords: Postnatal Mother, JSSK, Chi Square.

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